Teach Peace with Thank You for Peace
Give Them Their Flowers Now

By Samuel Bernard Lackey, DD 

I am so glad that you took the time to visit this site. I welcome you here and I ask you to check back often for updates.  Let me start with a point of information: The Sam Lackey World Peace Chorus is an Idea that comes alive every time someone speaks and/or sings the words to Thank You for Peace a prayer song authored by yours truly Samuel B. Lackey, Jr. 
Daily I see the desperate need for peace on the planet. I promote peace through the application of my skills and knowledge via Thank You for Peace.
(Please note I am not an egotist and I don't want to control or rule your life. I am just your humble human brother in the human family stepping out to promote peace in my own way and encouraging you to do so as you may while hoping that you will encourage others to promote peace. I attach my name and image to communications so that you will know me and can reference back to me any information that I communicate to you). I publish on the World Wide Web to promote and track the impact of this effort for peace.   Please do something for peace. Let me know about it.
Q. What is the Sam Lackey World Peace Chorus?
A. The Sam Lackey World Peace chorus is people who sing, speak, feel and appreciate the words and affirmation of the prayer song Thank You for Peace.

I would like you to be one of those good folks mentioned above. If you are interested please take the time to fill in the simple form below. Afterwards, please view the wonderful video of Mahalia Jackson singing for peace. 

Q. What is "Give Them Their Flowers Now?

A. A grassroots initiative to lift humanity to a conscience level of doing good things for each other now. 

The flower is a sensory symbol of natural goodness, beauty, and fragrance often used to honor the living and departed. Why wait till one has departed and not able to feel the natural goodness, see the natural beauty and smell the natural fragrance? Thus "Give Them Their Flowers Now". 

If you are interested in communicating and adding effort to this movement. Please fill in the form below 

Welcome Peacemaker and "Give Them Their Flowers Now" supporters please participate and power this initiative in your own way. For ideas and resources such as information,artlicles and videos please visit this site often.

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Sam Lackey

Thank You

Teach Peace with Thank You for Peace

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